Once to her Obiajulu sat on a bus going from the main entrance of their University to “Meganom” a shopping mall in the city, the tension was palpable……….


Don’t be discouraged if an application isn’t in your favour today. Better opportunities are always waiting ahead. A setback is not the end of the road, it’s just a curve on the road. Don’t allow the experiences of life make you bitter; but better.


Once, when Mr. Moody was in New York, he was helped tremendously by R. K. Remington. As he was leaving on the train, Mr. Moody grasped his friend by the hand and said, “If you ever come to Chicago, call on me and I will try to return your kindness.” Mr. Remington replied, “Don’t wait for me; do it to the first man that comes along.”

Send me words to Nigerian Journalists.

Send me words to Nigerian journalists, every time you report about a dysfunctional government official or system, know that you gave that corruption your permission. Journalism is dysfunctional so to say in my country.