Time is the ultimate truth teller.

Men like me don’t just have the patience to wait for that time but we should. We prefer that the truth is made known now based on how unjustly we think we’ve been treated, hence we go after exposing the truth not to heal but to redeem ourselves but this is not the essence of truth!
Truth is not to redeem your image when it has been damaged, truth is to teach the ignorant lot and by this you gain the redemption you seek.

In our quest for truth, we should always ask ourselves questions like

Why do I need this truth?
Why do they need this truth?

If you’ve been “played” don’t bother about exposing any truth. You’re just hurting and you’re seeking revenge and image redemption.

If you’ve been insulted, same goes for you.

I sometimes wonder why they don’t allow Doctors treat relatives sometimes and why they don’t allow Detectives investigate matters relating to them or anyone close to them. I came to this conclusion, they are just too close to be able to think clearly without being sentimental or emotional.

You are able to burn even yourself in this quest of truth that you want to embark on. And what’s funny? You’d say “I don’t care” but in the real sense you would care if you weren’t so angry and hurting.

In time, you don’t only get redemption, you also get restoration.

Don’t worry about what happens to those that “played”, “insulted” you, they’d get what is coming to them eventually.


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