Can a 55 year old really be like this?

Independent from colonialism yet slaves to our own machines and devices of extreme body and mouth odor..

55 and diabetic yet curing headache!

Sycophancy and tribalism ruling the modern day Nigeria, politicians using the citizens as pawns, better still citizens offering themselves to be used.

55 yes, some positives yes, have we started to move in the right direction that would make our Lions roar again or our Eagles fly? NO!

55 and divided living under false pretenses of unity in diversity while looking for any opportunity to pull down the next person.

The Yoruba blaming the Igbo, the Igbo blaming the Hausa, a vicious cycle.

55 and nauseating. Mismanaged by selfish and self serving leaders who apparently do not know, what freedom means!

55 years free of the Brits, and 0 years free of ourselves!

Happy Independence day to the truly independent, to the enslaved, happy hopeful independence.

Can a 55 year old have any prospects left? Hopefully.
We can no longer be like Alexander the Great who had achieved all in his thirties, but at least Winston Churchill became Prime Minister in his sixties I heard.

How can we be great? Because at 55 we still do not get the concept of greatness, diabetes won’t let us.

How can we defend what is ours? How do we defend our land?

Happy Independence to the 55 year old still crawling out of her baby bed…..


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