Opinion: Made in China or anywhere else.

Opinion: Made in China or anywhere else.

The little blue plastic toilet seat I used as a baby was made in China.

Don’t ask me how I know; Nigerians have a way of preserving old items.  I remember a washing machine we had, it was never disposed of even after it got broken, and we could not wash with it again. We used it to store water noni, money cannot be wasted, and that machine too was made in China by the way.

Everything in Nigeria is actually made in China and everywhere else but Nigeria, even tooth-picks. Or maybe they are labelled so.

The only things made Nigeria now are celebrity fights and gossips, hell we even borrow some Chris Brown –Rihanna gist, kidnappings and bombings, and most annoyingly, we did not even manufacture Ebola, that’s right, it was imported!. Can we for once do our own thing and be responsible for it?

Oh yes, we own mediocrity, bigotry and beast modes.

The only product we have that we could be a little bit proud of, would be our celebrities, though plentiful yet not a core foundation for a healthy and successfully environment. I feel someone thinking aloud now;

“How about oil”? How about the cars we saw GEJ stepping out from last year?  Hold on dear we would get there, eventually.

Many years ago, my grandfather always bought rice from a community in Ebonyi state Nigeria, we all had fun times having the full knowledge that each grain of rice was gotten from the quality and healthy grounds  of our extended home.  Today my father’s friend is buying “Caprice” and all those other foreign brands we know, and they still produce rice in Ebonyi state.

What is going to send us down the drains soon?

The “Foreign” syndrome; the sickness that presents with not producing even when you have the means to but always buy from other producers.

I don’t believe I have to mention the “accent” saga here but I am sorry, it just has to come in. Last night I was with a friend of mine who happens to come from Delta, having just a nice discussion about this then she said “you know I don’t even have the Nigerian accent, I sound almost non-African”, at that point, I lost consciousness.


Some believe it is worse when you stay in Lagos the most commercial center in Nigeria.

And by the way to all these foreign news networks, Lagos was the capital of Nigeria before my nephew was born. The capital of Nigeria now is ABUJA! Let me not read any report where you journalists would list Lagos as capital.

So as I was saying, people believe that in order for you to win and live the Lagos dream, you must import the western accent.

Soon if we don’t stop these acts, we would start buying fufu from Beijing and Ora soup from Liaoning Province of China.

Is it that we don’t have manufacturing companies or is it that no one wants to work there? Oh wait; our young people prefer to dance “sukus” and wear really dark sun glasses and black leather jackets under the Nigerian sun?

And maybe own a blog to finally become parts of the renowned “knowledge based economy”. Your crops from “Farmville” will not feed you, hunger will kill you!

If we have people who are still willing to get dirty, people who have the necessary skill and level of knowledge required, then the shame would be that of the government and every one of us who fail to provide the environment for growth.

We need to start believing in ourselves as a Nation, if a poll should be taken, we would find out that many Nigerians prefer foreign material because they lack faith in the authenticity of the locally made ones, I appreciate this fact, but with the necessary fund and support, it could get better. America promised 33 billion dollars to Africa for development last year , in Nigeria alone we can’t account for 20 billion dollars, it goes a long way to say that the resources are there, I mean 20billion dollars disappears and the Nation is still working fine.

It is time for us to come together as a people, go back to the planning table, set records straight and then start producing in-and buying from-Nigeria.

Made in China and everywhere else.


One thought on “Opinion: Made in China or anywhere else.

  1. Wow. This is sooooo good I’m lapping it like milk 😀
    I find it curious though that everything is made in China– even pegs! What’s that about? Makes it look like even with the China bias (everything substandard) we’d rather use their products than those made in Nigeria.
    We’re a large consumer society; industries should thrive in this space if the government make policies that favour local production, reduce incentives (both tax and otherwise) to foreign investors especially multinationals, regularize/strengthen regulatory institutions and generally provide an enabling environment for businesses to thrive, while carrying out their social functions of providing infrastructure for development.

    I think we’re gradually getting there though. The climate is gradually changing– but first we need to increase domestic resource mobilization and reduce dependence on foreign aids and borrowings with their attendant conditionality crippling our economy.

    There’s a lot to look forward to in the next 10 years 🙂

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