Friendship: How You Have Become My Sweet Friend

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You Are My Sweet Friend

FriendshipHow Did This Friendship Become So Sweet?
Just the other day, I was bothered about your reluctance.
Today, you yearn for my voice in the morning and would only sleep after hearing my voice.
How did it get this sweet?
Being around you multiplies my peace and hearing your voice increases my joy exponentially.
What can I ever do without thinking of you?
What plans can I change without first considering how it would affect you?
You are my friend and I appreciate you.
You are always there for me and I am so glad that I was patient enough to have lingered around you till neither of us could walk away from each other.
You were only being sincere about your fears, and I was only being myself.
I probably was not as tall as you wanted, neither were you as fair as…

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