IMG_4094webObi could not explain why he repeatedly had the urge to stop what he was doing to call Urenna, it was a struggle for him, yet he tried to shake off the compulsion. Maybe, since he already met her, he found the relationship thing interesting. What actually draws people to each other? What do people feel when they say “I LOVE YOU” is it what the world has taught us? is it what we watch on various movie sites online? What stimulates this love feeling? Questions are more than answers. Obi was feeling warm and happy, who would not, he was in love, so was she, they had both agreed to see how it would play out. Obi would often imagine Ure being “Alero” in the movie ” Alero’s symphony” that he had just seen on Iroko tv, yet another movie site. So could the perception of love in today’s world be as a result of numerous romantic movies and series? Most relationships today exist just for the fun of it. Well, he thought ” I am not expecting this to fail, I entered this with great expectations on love filled with hopes and promises”

  Breaking-up and divorcing now are common, as a matter of fact, too common as to say the reason people “hook up” nowadays is to break up Obi said while trying to untangle Ure’s right foot from a network of plastic wires she had walked into as they climbed the hill that would show them a different view of the city. People no longer know how to maintain what they have, you know. Someone said we have more situation-ships than relationships nowadays. Obi was talking not noticing that Ure was already ahead of him, “catch up man” she shouted..Yes, my point exactly today it’s “catch up man” who knows tomorrow might be “I’m tired man, I don’t think I am happy” , you see Ure, the world is going crazy.

He was obviously disturbed about something and Ure knew this already, so as Obi came closer, she held his hand and said ” Love is a wonderful thing. Falling in real love, feels like a wonderful fairy-tale of course. but it is highly dependent, on your ability to feel it. It is of no consequence, who you love , it matters how you do it and how you experience it. If you know how to fall in love with someone and enjoy every moment of it, you’ll be able to experience it and cherish it better than many others who think love is just an excuse for physical bond or a way to lean on someone else. It doesn’t matter if you’re already in love or falling in love with someone right this moment, just live it up, and hey, I am going nowhere alright? just drop the negativity already before the bore me to death she said smiling. Obi was then reassured, maybe he has just wanted Ure to say exactly what she said, he was filled with hope once more.

 Ure reminded him that her flight back to Africa was next-week, Africa because she was going to Zimbabwe to meet her dad, who stays there for his gold business then to Nigeria to see her mum and some friends, probably to Ghana to see her uncle. Urenna’s family is rather a complicated one. Her father is a business man whom she rarely sees. Growing up, she was used to him visiting Nigeria once every month before rushing off to another part of the world, so she grew up with just her mum, being an only child was also an added advantage. She had all she wanted, she always had her way. Her mummy would always make sure she was comfortable, yet she did not spoil her. She instilled principles and a proper way of living into her, the way you would expect a real African woman to. Her mother was quick to rebuke, quick to forgive and she gave zero tolerance to ill living. Her mother was the prototype of her beauty, little wonder her father provided a fenced house for them so that other rich Nigerian men would not come looking for his wife. Ure was pleased at their marriage, they are 29 years into it now and it gives Ure joy whenever she thinks about the fact that her father’s business and absence did not break them up. This is how it should be, marriage is no driving test, it is the real deal.

For Obi, going to Africa was not a plan yet, not to talk about Nigeria, with all the bombings and kidnappings. So Ure going to Nigeria made him feel uneasy, but he could not voice his fear, like many Nigerians say “Why go back to Nigeria”.

That evening was a cool one, they went to the movie theater, on their way back Ure felt Obi’s hand on hers. If she shut her eyes and concentrate, she can recapture the moment: the dark of the theater, the warmth of his hand, her  happiness. One might not expect someone who appears to be tough as her to feel a surge of romance, but she did, and she knew that his reaching out was a brave gesture. She reciprocated, invited him in for nothing when he took her home. She has a small, uncomfortable sofa in her apartment, poorly designed for intimacy, but nevertheless that was where  they sat, and that was where they kissed before he went home. He’d found her attractive the first day he saw her, yet there was something more appealing now. Maybe it was the strength and bravery she showed while they climbed. Or maybe it was something altogether different. All he knew was that he was inexplicably drawn to her.

Surely Ure leaving was not exactly what Obi wanted at the time but, what to do? she has to go, and he has to hurt missing her. One reality Obi did not want to think about. He was as strong as Ure herself, they both know how to hide hurt and sometimes happiness, but this time hurt was prevailing.  Obi kept wondering why and how Ure’s family found their way all over Africa. Strange to say the least, father in Zimbabwe, mother in Nigeria, extended family in Ghana as he knows for now. But it was not his business, he would not be intimidated by anyone or anything not now, not ever.

ELELE continues with the 5th part, see you all…


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