LOVE by Olutimilehin Olukoya.

She slept,

He got into bed with her,
But she slept still,
He nibbled on her earlobe,
But she slept on,
Until he drew her into his warm embrace,
She looked up at him and smiled,
In his arms she felt secure,
She felt loved.
      What’s the definition of love,it is when two people take something ordinary and make something extraordinary out of it.
   Love is when two friends laugh together and share everything with each other,they’d know what the other is thinking.
    Love is when two best friends who started from scratch are so inseparable that they become one and start a life together.
     Love is when a little girl gets a sister,they become instant best friends and they look out for one another, they are inseparable and they tell each other everything,they understand one another they may fight but despite the all the fighting they still love one another.
     Love is when a woman carries her child for nine months goes through painful labor and still looks up at her child and smiles,love is when a mother corrects her little one even though it is heart wrenching to see him cry, she doesn’t draw him close immediately so he’d learn right from wrong.
Love is that feeling of mixed emotions a wife feels when her husband get home every evening, love is what keeps the husband from losing it when the wife drives him almost off the cliff.
Love makes is able for you to forgive.
   Above all God is love,He created us in His image and likenesses and still watched over us after we stray from Him, He grants us forgiveness of our sins and gives us a chance for redemption and that my friends is the most powerful love that can ever be,love given from a mortal man can be taken away from you but God’s love is always there with you from the time you were born till it’s time for you to go home.
Words by: Olutimilehin Olukoya.

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