Send me words to Nigerian Journalists.

Send me words to Nigeria..

Not the same everyone has been sending or maybe the same anyways. But send me these words to the Nigerian Journalism giants and infantry.

I deeply appreciate the risks of being a journalist in Nigeria, I am not one, so I might not know what your reservations have been, are, would be in the future. When I watch documentaries and movies from the part of the world Nigerians always compare Nigeria to, I feel bad. Why? Because if we must compare our system of governance to other countries, we should as well compare every other thing in the Nation.

Questions are more than answers now. We talk of a dysfunctional government in Nigeria, even the Sore loser of the 2008 US presidential elections John McCain called our government “practically non-existent”, we should also talk about a broken and mediocre Journalism system.

Channels Television, by the year pick up the award for being the best Television station in Nigeria, African Independent Television and a host of others including the NTA.The NTA claims to run the biggest television network in Africa with stations in several parts of Nigeria. Have I spoken about news papers? Vanguard News, The Sun Nigeria newspapers, the Punch, and a host of others. Yet with all these giants, questions still remain more than answers.

Did all our journalists go to the school of Journalism or wherever they receive training to sit down in media houses interviewing whomever they invite or whomever comes in? Did our Nigerian media men and women get training to rely on social media? Vanguard News, disgracefully put up a picture that mislead so many Nigerians on their cover page some days ago, only for information to later reveal that the picture was indeed not related to Nigeria.

On Chibok, a day after the first Nyanya bombings. I find it amazing that our journalists are waiting for the first lady to call people together to get information before we get them. What happened to investigative journalism and citizen journalism? I believe those are types of effective journalism, or do journalists in Nigeria leave those out? MEDIOCRITY!.

Send me words to Nigerian journalists, every time you report about a dysfunctional government official or system, know that you gave that corruption your permission. Journalism is dysfunctional so to say in my country.

I have never been to the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, so I do not know how true the rumor Chibok being so remote is. The news of the abduction did break through a media house, which ever one. Now the world and the Nigerian people are worried. Our media people are busy waiting for CNN International, BBC World News, Sahara Reporters and a host of other news networks to get information for them and for us.

I fully expect that our media should be fully involved in the matter of terrorism in the Nation now. You do well to broadcast all terror attacks, please do well to broadcast all the works of the Nigerian Military if they do work. This would boost the morale of the soldiers and indeed make us feel that work is being done, because at the moment, the “HARAMITES” of Boko as Femi-Fani Kayode would call them, are winning the propaganda war and media tension and incredibility is not helping.

Send me words these words to Nigerian media giants as we search for our girls and end terror in the Nation.


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