“There’s the noble art of getting things done, and there’s the noble art of living things undone” – Lin Yutang

We all have heard about how important our “todays” are; each packed with boundless possibilities. However, the truth still remains that we will not be able to take adequate advantage of today without planning and taking conscious efforts. The day has been structured already, it’s left for us to make it work.

“Thank you very much Marcus, that’s a fantastic presentation. My professor was amazed, the facts were awesome. Thank you very much. I’m sure you’re very gifted” Salome, said as she walked away. Still within earshot, she heard “You’re such an incompetent and disappointing individual” (she couldn’t understand why) Bart said, at the top of his voice. “How can you not deliver on a single promise?” He barked. “Sorry, sir it’s just that my hands are full at the moment”. Marcus said in defense. “Your hands are always full” retorted Bart, now fuming with rage. Just then his phone rang, it was Barbara. “Hey, Marc how ’bout that proposal is it ready for pick up. I need to send it within the hour?” “ok. I’ll send it now” he replied as he ends the call. In truth he’d not even started on Barbara’s proposal. Still fuming Bart yelled “I’m not leaving here until I get my job”. “Oh, Marcus again”, Lin said in a hushed tone as she passed by.

The point here is that, Marcus like most of us are gifted but aren’t as reliable as we’re gifted. Always accepting responsibilities, without concluding outstanding ones. Until we become reliable we really won’t amount to much success. We shouldn’t take on too much. Negotiate the division of labour with those around you; whether at work or at home. Delegate at work and outsource at home, whenever possible. And if you don’t have the time or the energy for housekeeping chores, hire a cleaning crew to tidy up as often as you see fit.

Beloved, someone said “show me a man that wants to please everybody and I’ll show you the man who wants to fail”. We cannot do everything, for everybody every time. We have to learn to use the word “No” sometimes. It’ll make life more interesting, fulfilling and beautiful. Have a great Wednesday ahead!


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