This to those who already know the people I am about to talk about might not be a big deal, but to me, it is always heart warming to introduce them even to myself each day.

Away from home, away from my mother, my sisters, my aunts and nieces, I landed in the midst of beautiful people; Ladies of indescribable beauty, physically and spiritually.

Their beauty is like the mild sun of the cold spring, creating warmth and happiness, Oh my impeccable ladies.

Zoe In You
Umu Oma.

What could be more peaceful than having you ladies in my life? A peace that God through you all has brought to my life and the lives of many other people.

Hi, my name is Adeola, and I can laugh.

It was the Resurrection Sunday today, and yet again I saw you all. God too did I am sure, I am sure He from heaven would call you all WORSHIPERS. Have I ever seen people who worship as you all do? Not in years have I seen the love and care that comes from you.


To say I love you, is a major and unforgivable error, because you all love more and more intensely.

I am forever grateful our paths crossed, at this stage of my life. You all have taught me more about life in ways more than one, directly and indirectly.

Godly women you all are, the unity, love and strength among you all is a cause of envy to many. Always you inspire even without knowing it, I guess it’s simply because you all have got ZOE in you.

Strength. Kindness. Goodness. These are three attributes I learned from you. When I think about strength, I think about your strength in never settling for less until the job is done. When I think about kindness, I think about all of the friends that you have nurtured along the way. When I think about goodness, I think about how you always see the good in others and valued the positive, true things in this life.

I respect and thank you. 

I don’t know your opinion, I think I love the blue outfit.
We smile

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