Biko Hara Anyi ( Please leave us alone)

How did we get here, or is this where we have been?

We must all remember the date 14/04/2014, not because it is the only date to remember, but because it serves a reminder to us all that at the moment we are just sitting ducks waiting to be blown apart.

To say Nigeria is living dangerously now is an understatement, Nigeria has gone past dangerous, Nigeria is living in deteriorating insecurity and absolute penury. Lives of over 70 civilians lost, hundreds of others injured reminded me of news out of Karachi Pakistan I saw 9 years ago. Then I thought oh, this could never happen in Nigeria, but I am shocked to hear from amnesty international that over 1500 civilian lives has been lost this year alone in Boko Haram related attacks.

Yet again, what we count are numbers. We still do not know their names. All the victims of Boko Haram have gone without remembrance, without something to say, oh our country men and women lost their lives here to terror and evil. Boko Haram claims to be anti western yet, pro western technology and ammunition. Boko Haram claimed the problem was the government yet have bombed and killed unarmed civilians, Boko Haram Biko Hara anyi!

Then to the Nigerian government, shame. The ruling party is blaming the opposition for terror in the Nation. We have lost lives and in place of tougher security measures and investigations you people are busy playing the politics of the blame game. Shame on the opposition for trying to get undue followers from the tragic events that has been occurring in the Nation. Shame to the news houses who at times intentionally and provocatively report these events, most of all shame to the Nigerian public who just sit and wait and take whatever report they hear.

Where is the Patriotism our fathers fought with? “The labor of our heroes past shall never be in vain” we sing, who is thinking what I am thinking now.
The Nation bleeds from every corner, the blood of the people, the children, the women the men cries out in bitterness.
Yet, we all are here online, trading words as per who is performing and who is not. We are allowing politicians re-write the destiny of this great Nation.

As soon as the British High Commissioner went to donate blood, we yet again lost our minds. We were again distracted from the issue at hand instead of the bomb blast, we started asking where is President, Senate speaker etc they should all go and donate blood! Whereas the question should have been, where are you?! You the Nigerian citizen around Nyanya that day, you the Nigerian Citizen who could have gone to the hospital immediately. Thank God some citizens with the patriotic spirit went to donate blood, they did not have time for social debates.

I read this from somewhere, The Easterners say, they dare not come east. They can’t risk another war. The Westerners say its an Hausa problem, how does that bother us? The Niger Deltans say serves them right.. How dare they criticize MEND?
APC says can’t you see GEJ led PDP is clueless and brainless? PDP says, it’s a political agenda, our opponents are trying to make the nation ungovernable. The Christians say, let’s pray it doesn’t come near us besides serve the devilish religion of Islam right. The Muslim says, they are anti Islam, Islam is a religion of peace. The rich says my family will never remain in this cursed land, all must live abroad. The masses says why can’t they just attack the government directly? Kill all the corrupt politicians instead of schools and places of worship? UN observers says, told you the nation will split in 2015; these are all events leading to the inevitable break up. All playing the blame game and passing the trump card. Forgetting it is an ill wind that blows no one no good. Forgetting when the roof is on fire, the walls are next.
How did we get here?
They went to the capital can they not also come to your state?

I leave you with these words, I am Nigerian before I am Igbo, I am Nigeria before I am Yoruba or Hausa or Ijaw or Ibibio.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


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