AGHA writes from Nigeria,

Have you noticed how the fish in a Nigerian tin of Titus Sardines is now only two and even the Oil is reduced?

We may frown, smile or laugh about this Sardines thing but it is no laughing matter. It completely reflects the crookedness of Nigerians. It happens to our electrical appliances when they so reduce the wire it can no longer charge a phone. It happens to our spare parts, that break up after a little use because of poor materials. It happens to our medicine, when they add chalk to Malaria tablets. Anything which our indecent traders touch is reduced in value all in a bid to callously short change the customer for more profit.

Have you heard of the English saying ‘packed like Sardines? ‘ That is based on what a Sardine tin is supposed to be. Stuffed to the brim. In the UK when I open a tin I see 4, 5 or even 6 sardines with little oil.

I really thought of this humble Sardines and what it means for me in Nigeria. The two sardine tin has become a metaphor for the degradation, dishonesty, exploitation, expediency and lack of concern for others in the Nigerian character.

It seems amazing that so much can be derived from that humble tin of sardines, but it speaks volumes as to why our nation is where we are – in the dung heap.


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