Most people I know grew up as good children, I did too. Between us, I can tell you that we all did not get good, we sometimes put up fronts. Good children of their parents.

I had a rather long night yesterday, the transition from dream land to reality was bumpy, I could still feel my head banging against itself as I dragged myself up. I feel better a few minutes later, happy because the International Women’s day had given me a day off, and I already had what to do with each passing minute.

Well, sometimes plans do not go as planned, just like you can’t rob a bank opposite a diner with the best donuts in 3 counties (Two Guns). Students we are, so anything that concerns us, connects to academics. So today, on the academic frequency, Roselyne visited. She also had planned to maximize the day off.

Onye Isi Nkwocha(BALD MAN) already came before Roselyne, he brought me a laptop, indirectly. We talked about every and anything, as we were on it, Roselyne entered, with a natural look, making me realize that “YOU DON’T GO NATURAL, YOU COME BACK TO BEING NATURAL” because that is where it all begun, we just metamorphosed. The stage was set for a  would turned out to be a wonderful day.

So we set out initially with everyone being busy and engrossed in and with study. But I have this argument,  IF YOU HAVE NOT STUDIED SOMETHING AT ALL BEFORE, DO NOT STUDY WITH FRIENDS. I believe it is always better to study with friends when you have studied at least a little and you don’t understand, then when you study, someone that understands it would explain it better. My fears about studying with friends are these, 1.someone could just bring up a topic that is not remotely connected to the topic of study hence distracting everybody. 2. someone would soon want to feel tops by bringing a topic or asking a question that would raise an argument and before you realize we are already fighting. 3. someone could just remember an old song or a story and so on. Something always happens. It is not the same story for everyone anyways.

First it was the bald man with his comments and jokes, then I started with the music, put it off they requested, after this one I replied, soon enough, everybody had a song to play. Long story short, I ended up with a page or so, Roselyne did go far I guess, I never really understood what the bald man was doing all through.

When Roselyne was about to leave, I asked her a question and the beginning words of her answer was, I WAS.

Was is the past form of Is.

So she meant to tell me that whatever it was she was saying was in the past, not now. Oh I thought to myself, I was a bad person, now I am not, I was this and I was that, now I am this and I am that. The past can only put me down when I give it the permission to.

My only regret, I forgot to ask Roselyne what she did to move from WAS to where she is now. Tomorrow is another day, I will still ask her. And as for the bald man, he left almost immediately after. Now I am going to stop here and rush back to what I planned on doing.

I may not have studied well today, but I had good company that has left me with some understanding.


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