Tell Me Who Discovered You.

Eja Nla (Big Fish) has surfaced, ah the Eagle has landed……

Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo, stage name D’banj nickname Koko Master, Eja Nla, was born in the Northern city of Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria to an artillery Officer and a church honorable   from Shagamu in Ogun state South-West Nigeria this is almost general information and easily the only thing we know about his parents, plus how he was sent to a military school at 11 and how he traveled around the world due to his fathers job and all. Oshee!. This guy has a trademark instrument called the harmonica, story has it that his brother Femi Oyebanjo, who passed aged 17 in a plane crash on his way en route Lagos from Nigerian Military School, Zaria introduced him to the instrument and indirectly to music.

Yet again, Eja Nla has surfaced, the koko has loaded. I’m sorry I am using some unusual lines, but I can’t help but take a dive into one D’banj’s tracks, why you love me I think it is. An ambassador you could call him, he being yoruba has used language lines from some other tribes in Nigeria, like he had very good Igbo words when he did a track in the ENTERTAINER album of 2008 and some other languages too.

I think I like tubaba better though. Die hard fans of D’banj believe that there is nothing not to love about him, starting off with the No Long thing album in 2005, D’banjis as I call him has been an entertainer picking up several awards, endorsements, killer shows, accolades and every other the music industry has to offer. In 2012, his Oliver twist track was up to number 2 in the UK R&B chart having topped the African charts the year before. Now let’s go on a tour of awards shall we?…

Dbanj1Most Promising Male Artist – KORA All African Awards 2005
Hip Hop World Revelation – HIP HOP WORLD AWARDS 2006 hosted by Hip Hop World Magazine
Artist of the Year – Nigerian Music Awards (NMA) 2006
Best Newcomer – Tongolo Fizz Awards 2006
Best African Act MTV Europe Music Awards 2007
Hottest Single of the year “Why me” Nigeria Entertainment Awards 2007
Best Special Effects – 2007 Channel O Music Video Awards(“Why Me”)
Artist of the Year – MTV Africa Music Awards 2008
Best Male MTV Africa Music Awards 2008
Listeners Choice – MTV Africa Music Awards 2008
Artist of the Year – MTV Africa Music Awards 2009
Best International Act – Africa BET Awards 2011
Best African Act – MOBO Awards 2012

For one man, his is quite a lot, I mean, is he the only one? And it is just amazing that there could have been more, but as they say, you lose some and you win some, he has also been nominated for  a variety of other awards which of-course to prove he has not won all.

It is stale news that D’banj and his popular Mo’hits crew parted ways some years ago, and rumor has it that they might be getting back together this year, I am sure Don Jazzy would love that. Since both men separated D’banj to some has been rusty, but Don jazzy on the other hand has been doing a lot of singing. Something he was not used to when D’banjis was with him. I think they have grown and matured in ways more than one since their separation. Banjis landed a performance during the finals of the African Cup of Nations and also one Hennessy thing.

Bovi a Nigerian comedian once called Dapo “an international artist”. This was immediately after Dapo had signed with Kanye west I think. He did pretty well for himself after the Mo’Hits break up.

Dapo is also a great young Nigerian. D’banj is the founder of Koko Foundation for Youth and Peace Development, this makes me believe it is not  all about the “kokolets” as he fondly calls ladies. He is also the first Nigerian to be awarded  a youth Ambassador for peace. Oshe!

D’banj is a showbiz man, but he could be a shy/funny/put whatever you want here, person really. I might not know much, but watching him speak to Toolz on Ndani TV. Filee! Oshee!.

So with his latest single “Bother You” which by the way inspired this write-up, 2014 is the year we all hope this bachelor would at least marry, and stop making “kokolets”dream.

So now I move on, see you all next time, bye.



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