Doing the right thing at the wrong time!

Unarguably, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi has brought a level of stabilisation in the banking sector. The question is,at what cost. This is not about the man. Its about a style I found worrying. And I never kept quiet about it.

I questioned certain aspects of Sanusinomics middle last year when the President queried him on some unusual expenditures in the CBNs books.

I wrote that he should be sanctioned for not only the apex bank’s financial recklessness but for failing to answer to the query within the time frame given. But Mr President did nothing, and that was June 2013.

In 2012, I wrote about some funny things that happen when the so called resident bank examiners visit the banks.

In December 2013,I wrote again that Mr President having failed to reign in Sanusi when allegations against him is sky high and he has mountains of evidence to nail him, he should forget it and allow the Prince complete his tenure.

I warned that any effort at silently bullying Sanusi will have drawbacks. That he has become a bull in a china shop.They didn’t heed that warning and Sanusi started singing and sometimes off tune.

Now they have suspended him. At a very wrong time. And I think they know he will sing more. But ofcourse they reckon Nigerians are unshockable. There’s nothing they will hear today that will move them.

By doing the right thing at the wrong time, they are making Sanusi a victim on his way to beatification.

Sanusi is not the saint many believe he is. But who is?

My take has always been that his running of the central bank with one of the biggest budgets in the world should be subjected to sound audit.

Kindly disagree if you will. ALSO READ THIS:

Sanusinomics 101.I do not agree with Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi most of the time,but on this his recent outbursts about the unethical and ‘evil’ cost of running government in Nigeria,I am with him 105%. We do not need 109 Senators,cut it down to two per state making 72.Reduce by half the number of members of the House of Reps.Cut down their allowances and reduce the number of times they seat( with aim at making it a part time affair).The problem is not making new laws,its about respecting and implementing the ones we already have of which the lawmakers themselves are the serial law breakers.

Moreso,we should reduce the number of aides Mr President,Vice President,Ministers and all top government functionaries are entitled to.And every other perks to their offices.

But above all, I will greatly appreciate if Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi will lead by example in cutting his own perks,the number of his aides,his incessant traveling and the budget of the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) which to my knowledge is far higher than at least that of 17 African countries I know.

This way,Nigeria will stop burning the candle of its life from both ends….

Your right to disagree with me is awesomely acknowledged.


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