Ideas For The Common Good.

It is no wonder at this moment to me and to many others the effect the internet and other ways of technology has had on the average Nigerian man. Suddenly everybody in Nigeria is a political analyst, a social scientist, or a public commentator. There is a strong need now for every Nigerian to speak up about how bad the government is, there is a strong need for people to cry out now based on any little move made by the government. Iyabo Obasanjo in her recent open letter to her father the former president Olusegun Obasanjo wrote and I paraphrase, “People get leader’s that reflect them”. So I wonder; if the government is this bad and dysfunctional, the interpretation would simply be that all Nigerians including the members of the “attention seeking club” are dysfunctional.
Reminisce a Nigerian rapper said in one of his tracks, “O ye rappers, I am moving on to greater things, see you in a jiffy hehehe”. So I am telling you now, I am moving on to greater sides of this anti-gay bill, if you expect me to discuss it here and now again, you would wait for a lifetime.
Fani Kayode a man so many Nigerians see as an ignorant tribalist and “relevance seeker”, I could go straight to bringing the views of people on this man, but I would not. But here is what I would do, I would say that for the first time in a long time to me, this man, has actually made little sense.
Read what he wrote immediately after the anti-gay bill was signed.
“Boko Haram suicide bombers have struck again in Maiduguri today killing dozens of people. Instead of fighting the war against terror, GEJ is busy locking up gays. Shame on him”.
My point here is the first sentence. Fani Kayode on this issue has decided not to be one of those who do not see the greater picture here.
The state of insecurity in the country is gravely alarming, and the activities of this home-grown terrorist sect boko-haram increasingly difficult to handle. So instead of tackling the issues of the country, the government threw a bone in the form of a bill and expected us as dogs to chase after and kill each other for it, NEWSFLASH! That is what we are doing now, debating anti-gay bill and law, while Nigerians die in their hundreds. The issue of boko-haram has lingered so long that I am sure the government has run out of English adjectives to answer the press and the people of Nigeria with. No wonder Mr President told a press woman late last year, “You people know boko haram more than we do”.
Oh, and Bamanga Tukur also resigned as chairman of the PDP, what better way is there to distract APC from commenting on it and seeing a leak and a breach in the PDP than an anti-gay bill? Nobody seems to be interested in what is happening in the country now, have we found the $49billon that Sanusi wrote Mr President to report that it was missing?
Has proof and concrete evidence come out from the letters Obasanjo and Mr President wrote to each other? Have we also forgotten that criticizing and propagating false information about the government could land you in jail or its equivalent?
How gullible are we as a Nation, as a people? Is this ignorance or mere laziness?
Sack Oduah, sack Oduah, she is still there, remove Farouk, remove Farouk, he is still there.
Have we heard the last of the refineries, Allison-Madueke wanted to sell? Is there something else that is being put up for sale?
This government by a fair margin understands the Nigerian mind, so it is easy for it to manipulate Nigerians and send them where they want them to go.
Wake up NIGERIA, hold your government accountable. Do not chase after the anti-gay bill bone passed by the government.
Something is about to go down I feel, but you know, when so many things happen all at the same time, it is impossible to notice any other thing.



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