Write A Letter Or Two.

There is a thing called the Law of Constant Replacement.

I dont think I will ever join the fray of the battle over a letter from one initiate to another when I do not know what happened in their coven that led to their quarrel. This is because as far as I know,the interest aggregation of initiates can never be for the good of non initiates. It is a pity how non initiates have willingly jumped onto the mega chessboard called Nigerian and have submitted themselves as willing pawns in the hands of the initiates whose disagreement have nothing to do with the best interest of Nigeria rather pecuniary interests.

But come to think of this. Power is really transient, and failure to recognise this is in itself a failure of life.

Dont these people know that inspite of their lawless conduct of the affairs of men,that there are still higher laws guiding everything?

It is important for the one out of power to know that nature has taken its toll and for the one in power to know that one day he too will be out of power.Recognition of this very fact will help each of them to wear the garb of humility.

I have no care about the Russian Roulette they are playing with the destiny of this nation, for if this nation is not set to break up, a 1000 page letter full of all the allegations in the world will not make it breakup.

But when and if the set time comes, there is no need for a letter nomatter how irrelevant. The assassination of one man, Archduke Ferdinand and his wife on the streets of Sarajevo led the entire world to the First World War. But before then,there has been high profile killings.

There is always a set time.

Until the Kronos and Kairos align on a course, there will be no manifestation.

The man who is outside of power should realise that he is out of power, and should also appreciate the enormity of the power he sets out to confront which he himself made even more powerful to handle deeds and executive emergencies such as presented itself now.

The man who is in power should also know how transient and ephemeral this thing called power is.

Their macabre dance reminds me of the Law of Constant Replacement and eventually every active actor on the scene now will be replaced..


”Just like a prince in his own principality, you call all the shots and make all the rules; they all have to play your own game, according to your statues because it is your show. That is why you treat them the way you like. You manipulate, use and subject them to all sorts of cruel treatment. This you do because you have got nothing to loose, you thus abuse them even those sent to you.

Beware my brethren, there is a law that prevails in any domain a man occupies and any position ones attains. It is called The Law Of constant Replacement.This law states that, any quantity, form or being that occupies a given system, in time; undergoes a constant replacement or displacement. A continuous transit into a higher or lower domain.

So therefore, think again. Because everything you see will be replaced. There is nothing constant in time, only the law of replacement even that would eventually get replaced. Don’t ever say to yourself,”I have reached the highest peak one can attain, its time to sit back and relax”, because that is the very point your declining starts.

So my brethren, you must be careful with the things placed under your care. Every entity has its value and relevance in time. If you abuse them; you expose the replacement factor.

There is no limit to height, neither is there to depth. You either keep getting better or worse ,richer or poorer, bigger or smaller. You can never be the same as you were a second ago. So make every moment count”.

They say I should not bother with the messenger,only focus on the message. I agree. But if I am expecting a parcel via DHL, and it was delivered by a NIPOST Post Man, same parcel bearing my name.I will be worried.I will ask questions, and would like to know why this messenger is delivering a parcel he is not meant to deliver,even if I am expecting the parcel. The quality of the process has a hand in determining the outcome of the result.

But when all these might have died down,because it will soon die down.This is Nigeria, and they will not tell us the stakes in the horse-trade taking place in Nairobi presently. I will make comments on it. But for now, I will not take part in a battle that started in a coven I do not belong too, and by initiates that serve a different master from the one I serve.

They should go back to their meeting place and sort themselves out.

Kelechi Deca.


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