Joy Killers Club.

I have always had this hunch ,that those who make our present state uncomfortable be it at work, home and in relationships challenge us by stretching our abilities to go the extra mile in search of a more comfortable state.Thats why business and political leaders that are open to ‘criticisms’ always always rise above the fray.

When one of my mentors sent this to me. I was speechless, dumfounded because I have in my life chased away men and women whose presence in my life could have added great value and made me a far more productive person than I am today.

From today, I open my arms to those Comfort Destroyers in my life.

What determines our average value?

According to my mentor Craig Ballantyne, Dr. Nicholas A. Cristakis of Harvard Medical School,our social networks greatly influence our health and even our weight. We truly do become the average of the people we hang around the most. That’s why you need to spend a lot of time with one particular type of person if you truly want to be the best you can be. I will introduce you to this person today.

“Audacity underlies every start-up; the belief that from nothing, you will bring forth something that makes someone’s life better. So take that audacity and kick it up a notch or a hundred notches. If you fail, it won’t be for lack of courage or imagination. And if you succeed, those successes will be felt around the world.” – Leigh Buchanan

Spend More Time with This Destructive Person

Staying in your comfort zone and seeking mindless security will never make you happy. That’s the cold harsh truth about the comfort zone mentality.

Mark Ford,wrote that : “There are basically two sorts of people: those who find pleasure in comfort and those who find pleasure in disturbing comfortable notions. You cannot choose which kind of person you are. It is an essential component of individual temperament.”

“I am a comfort-destroyer. And yet I have many friends who are comfort-seekers. But this is common. Relationships are often complementary.”

“Ironically, comfort-destroyers eventually make life more comfortable for comfort-seekers because they lead them to products and practices that make life easier.”

Think about that for a moment.

Make a list of all the people that have had the greatest impact on the positive portions of your life. The great teachers of your past were surely comfort destroyers. Perhaps a mentor at work or sergeant in the army, someone that saw the potential in you and would not give up on you until you recognized it too.

Those are the people you need to spend more time with.

In my life, I’ve found these people through Mastermind groups, at business seminars and amongst my peer group in the fitness industry. I regularly interview those that I respect and come away from each call with the realization that I must up my game.

You might hire a business coach, join our Virtual Mastermind program, attend one of our 1-Day coaching events, or even enter January’s Turbulence Training fat loss tranformation contest. All of these actions will lead you to people that will challenge the notion of what you are capable of. They will demand more from you. They will destroy your comfort zone.

Avoiding the comfort-destroyer is less painful at first. It allows you to remain self-righteous and blameless. Without someone there to show you your faults and what you are capable of, you can remain of the opinion that all your woes are the results of other people and their problems.

But a comfort-destroyer changes everything.

They shed light on the truth of your situation. They expose the reality. They might even make you feel shameful for the way you have chosen to live.

And that’s okay. This is simply the first step in becoming better. You must first recognize that you are not doing your best. Then with the help of your comfort-destroyer you must set better goals, identify paths to success, and then make the most of their assistance. Then you may reach what Mark Ford calls the ironic end result, where life eventually becomes “more comfortable for comfort-seekers because the comfort-destroyer has led them to products and practices that make life easier.”

With my comfort zones destroyed, lazy old habits challenged and replaced, life has ironically become easier and made my business more successful. Also, formerly stressful situations became easy, and my phobias and fears are now desired challenges.

But it doesn’t stop there.

I will – and you must, too – remain in the presence of the comfort-destroyers, and in fact, seek others as well.

It’s what we must do. It’s who we must spend time with.

For this is how we raise our average and abilities and experience the irony of destroying comfort to create better lives for ourselves.

Seek out these people. Get them to challenge you. And you will grow.

The phrase “Search and Destroy” will never mean the same to you again.

Kelechi Deca.


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