What effort made.

Effort in my understanding is the corresponding action expressing our faith.Faith should of necessity be followed with works. God in my own persuasion rewards efforts, not mere wishes. From virtually all the parables Jesus told in the Bible, it is clear to me that we can work our own miracles.It is not enough to speak it,pray it, but of importance is walking it and working it.Taking corresponding actions towards the directions of the desires we have spoken and prayed into being.Until we take action,its manifestation will remain in the spiritual realm.Efforts bring to the physical that which God has given us in the spiritual.

There are thousands of men and women whom God already granted their requests to become billionaires this 2013 since January. But their bank accounts are still empty because they have not made any effort towards engaging in physical means that will translate that which has taken place in the spiritual realm.And they may end this year broke.

Consider the birds of the air of which the Bible noted that they neither have barns or farmlands, but that God feeds them.But have you asked your self how the birds get that food, does God employ DHL to deliver the foods in their nests?

Some fly farther than 20 kilometers to get food.The beauty of it all is that they will get the food, but if they make an effort to search for it.

Even when God fed the children of Israel with Manna, they still have to go and pick it from the field.

God said. I will bless the work of your hands( efforts)
Don’t sit down there praying and fasting waiting for something to happen to you. As soon as you are through with your prayers and fasting,that things has already happened to you.But you have to bring it to pass by rolling up your sleeves, and getting your hands on something to do.

Faith is that corresponding action towards your proclamations.
Faith is not a denial of the fact.Faith is denying the fact the power to control your very existence.

Take action now!

Kelechi Deca.


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