Ndidi : Patient and Hardworking.

Stories that engender hope for a seeming hopeless society.

1175152_10201078558782776_1775349716_nNdidi Ekubia is a talented and well-read silversmith. She earned her MA in Silversmithing at the Royal College of Arts in 1998 and has since been showcasing her beautiful and creative pieces in prestigious exhibitions. She has been growing in reputation and is well known for her imaginative style and her use of traditional techniques where she beats sheet metal over wooden and steel forms.

Using traditional silversmithing techniques that require the beating of sheet metal over steel and wooden forms, Ndidi produces a range of exquisite vessels, including wine goblets and ice buckets. For The New Craftsmen she has produced a new addition to her work – a limited number of classic household candle snuffers.

Ndidi’s inspirations stem from the patterns of everyday life; from the cityscape of London through to organic natural forms. In turn, her artistic landscape has been determined by the bold Africa shapes, textiles, food and passionate family conversation of her childhood.

Ndidi has exhibited at the Museum of Arts & Design New York; The Saatchi Gallery in London, the Pavilion of Art and Design, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London; the Goldsmiths Hall London and Sotheby’s New Bond Street in London.

She made herself stronger than pain and discouragement. Nobody ever did anything for you? Tomilade said “boo you”.


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