Amina Mohamed, a woman. Yet a woman.


A woman’s mind is a wondrous thing to have. There is so much that she can hold in her mind, from shopping lists to everyday tasks and duties. Her memories can go back for years to things men have long since forgotten about. A woman’s higher brain function enables them to keep these memories clear and fresh so they can use them for later in life, even when they no longer needed these same memories. A woman’s mind is sharp and quick to understand more concepts than a man’s, an ability that helps them with jobs and their own families. This higher brain function also allows them to Multi-task better, giving women a bigger chance to do more at once then a man can. Multi-tasking and a sharp mind is essential for a woman’s daily life as she takes on more roles for herself and becomes more empowered with her own accomplishments. Someone said “Women worry about what men forget, men worry about what women   remember”.


Now this is not about the man and the woman debate or whatever. It is not about gender equality or inequality. Today we are not going to go down the path of getting to know who is  higher than who. But we are going to see a phenomenal woman. This may not be the best of times to bring up this character because of so many factors ranging from court issues to most recently the terror unleashed on a mall where not less than 100 people were killed.


Amina Mohamed, a woman.  Yet a woman.  What a man can do, a woman can do better they said, Amina has proven that, somewhat. Born on 5 October 1961 to an ethnic  Somali family, Amina was not to be perturbed nor thrown to the dogs because she was the 8th of  nine siblings. Fluent in over 3 languages,  English, Russian, Swahili and has a working knowledge of French, Amina is to be said the most popular Kenyan on the world stage maybe.


Now, moving from Amina, still with her as the focus. Speaking as a 3rd party with absolutely no interest in the matter, I think women should be able to go for what they really want, make your husbands be like, “Your wife posted the hundredth picture of your dog on Facebook? Mine posted an article she wrote and it went viral” stuff like that, but it is sure more than that. Inasmuch as this is not a gender equality campaign, it is also not a sit at home campaign.  Let the world benefit from your wealth of knowledge, even if you choose not to be in the front line like Amina, do not sit at home!.

Amina’s Profile, enjoy:

2011-To date:
United Nations Assistant Secretary General and Deputy Executive Director, UNEP

2008- 2011:
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs

President of the United Nations Conference on Transnational Crime, Vienna

2006- 2007:
Director, Europe and Commonwealth Countries and Director for Diaspora matters
Chairman the Task Force Sub – Committee on Strengthening and restructuring of the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Affairs

2000- 2006:
Ambassador Permanent Representative, Kenya Mission to the UN and other International Organizations at Geneva.
• Chairman, Coordinator and the Spokesperson for the African Group in the WTO, Human Rights Commission
• Served as President of the Conference on Disarmament in 2002
• Chairman the International Organization for Migration in 2002
• Chairman the Trade Policy Review Body in 2003
• Chairman Dispute Settlement Body in 2004
• Chairman General Council in 2005
• Member of the Executive Boards and Committees of the WHO, UNHCR, WIPO, ILO, UNCTAD AND UNAIDS 2001-2005

Kenya’s Legal Advisor in various Missions abroad, including the 6th Committee of the UN

Legal Advisor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


National Award of Chief of Burning Spear (CBS)
Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Stella della solidarieta italian a
Life Member, Red Cross Society
Member of the Life and Peace Institute International Advisory Council, Sweden
Member of the World Economic Forum‘s Global Agenda Council on the Arctic
Member of the Strathmore Law School Advisory Board, Kenya


LLM University of Kiev
Kenya School of Law
Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations, Oxford University


Ambassador Amina Mohamed – Bio

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