The day Gomel, Belarus stood still for Nigeria.

Away from home, yet very close to the tradition and foundation. It might not have been the best of Anniversaries for Nigerians back home but for this group of to-be doctors, representing their Father-land and honoring her 53rd Independence anniversary in a foreign land was paramount and obligatory, hence the vigorous event, that featured dance, music and what have you.

dance gomel
No boundaries.
A young promising Nigerian dancing her heart out for her Nation.
Dance make I dance.


Naija till the lord comes.


Oh, Naija get am joor.
1265648_249323058549244_1167011915_o All the colors of Nigeria.
Smiling till we get better.

Nigeria, full of young talents in all fields, just below is the Belarussian “Burna Boy” lol, he goes by the name FRESH KID. Oya Naija music labels make una come sign him up o.

gomel eric
Fresh Kid in the house.
Feeling the Nigerian Spirit.
We are one.

So, as some Nigerian youths not too far away from these ones were busy blackmailing the Nation and breaking things up, this group of Medical Students were busy making sure Nigeria was well celebrated and represented. They did it last year, they have done it again this year. What’s more? they will do it again next year. Long live the Association of Nigerian Students in Gomel, Belarus, God bless you all, God bless Nigeria.

We all owe it to Nigeria to make her better no matter how bad we think she is. She is now 53, and  you may not know these about her.


Come what may, We are Nigeria.



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