Sarah Is Just Unbelievable!

IMG_0301“Sarah, your father will arrive earlier today” Hannah, a wife and a mother of three said to her first child.

Unbelievable! I suppose dad is a night worker, why the sudden change this time”

Sarah, a second year law student was known for this strange character. She always found reason why something should not be. Many attributed it to her line of profession. It should be because she is law student. Her favorite word, unbelievable was never deficient in her talks.

“Sarah, will you help bring those pots from the store house?’’

“Unbelievable, I suppose that room is the head quarters of rodents association”

“Sarah will you help buy painkillers down the road?”

“Unbelievable! It’s already 9 pm; the spirits must have started their buying and selling”

In spite of this nature, Sarah had been a fine leader to her siblings; John, a first year medical student and Steven, the 8 months old latest addition to the family.

“Sorry I forgot to tell you, he just got promoted at work, so he will arrive earlier today, so we can celebrate”

“Wow unbelievable…I thought he recently got a promotion that will lead to his retirement…anyway this is awesome so what should I do now?” She replied

“Just get the dinning set, while I enter the kitchen to prepare the family’s favorite….and be fast with it, your dad will arrive anytime soon”

All arrangements for dinner had been completed. The family members excluding its head sat in the sitting room patiently waiting for the sound of his car horn. That was his signature arrival sign. Whenever they heard the horn sound of a Mitsubishi Pajero SUV which was only possessed by him in the area, wife and children always ran to the gate of their duplex to welcome him. Only then would they feel safe.

It was already 8 pm and the car horn sounds being heard belonged to other members of their area. Humans are very intelligent animals; they can differentiate even the slightest changes in similar sounds. The children were busy playing and matching horn sounds to cars and their owners. They even turned it to a game, taking pride in their abilities to match first, fast and correctly.

“That was Mr. Dada’s Nissan….” “Oh! Baba Enoch’s Datsun just passed…” “I swear this Lada belongs to Alhaji….”

Finally, they heard the sound they’d been waiting for. Like a Christian that just heard the trumpet sound, they raptured from the sitting room and appeared outside near the gate, to welcome their man, Mr. Peter. After exchanging pleasantries for few minutes, they all proceeded inside.

‘I bought something special for you all…trust darling must have told you the good news…..I just got promoted!”

Peter then unzipped his bag and brought out various gifts, a silver chain for his wife, an iPad 4 for Sarah, a G-shock wrist watch for John and nothing but a fatherly forehead kiss filled with love for 8 months old Steven.

“Oh thanks sweetheart”……”daddy you are the best”….”I love you daddy, thanks…” Appreciation voices filled the air.

“Now it’s time to eat, let’s hit the dinning” the wife said.

The feast started and there was silence everywhere. The muteness was broken by their father when he saw Steven crawling toward an opened wire socket that wrecked earlier that evening.

“Oops! John, stop your brother before he gets there, remember that socket needs some repairs…..let him not fumble with it”

Like a flash, John jumped from his dinning sit and chased after his younger brother, in the process, he fell the two jugs of water from the dining table which immediately created a mini pool on the floor. But he was too late. Steven had already gotten to the socket, grabbed a naked red wire and pulled it out holding the insulated part.

Alarmed, John grabbed the conductor but from the naked part. Immediately he got flung like David’s stone. His 7th cervical vertebra struck the dining table. This left his tender neck broken as his esophagus forcefully found its way out.

Now, every other liquid and food had found their ways out of the table to the floor. Hannah, now filled with this great supernatural power that only mothers have went for John as he made his last stretch.

“No, no, no…This must be a dream” she muttered

The water on floor kept flowing. It slithered forward like Eden’s serpent and almost reached where Steven sat. All the while, Peter still sat down, transfixed. Things were too fast, but when he saw the next event that was about happen he ran to grab Steven. Each step he took propelled the water flow towards Steven. The red wire that still laid on the floor finally met with water and immediately, Peter went down like a convulsing baby. Sparks of electric currents which found their origins from his feet dispersed throughout his body as he slept on in the pool of water.

More sparks came on. The alcoholic content from the broken wine bottles gave a glad support to the spark. A fire started and it gained authority.

“Run, run! Please run Sarah!” Hannah screamed as she dropped John and proceeded to complete the task her husband couldn’t  She didn’t care about stepping into the water because she had a flip flop on. But she forgot she had to watch her steps on a wet marble floor. Before she could take her third stride, she slipped. Her head went backwards with a super force, forcing her occipital bone out of its suture. This left the posterior lobe of her brain exposed. She went blind slowly. Despite this, she still stood on her four limbs and crawled forward to save her little baby Steven who started it all. As she crawled, her left knee landed on something. It was the red wire, which was now well exposed. She turned black immediately.

Sarah had escaped outside and waited for her mother to emerge with her little brother. She saw no sight of them after waiting for about 10 minutes. She then decided to go back inside through the back door from where she escaped initially.

She was saved the rigor of having to open the door as it got blown out from its hinges by the force of fire emanating from inside. By the time she landed, her left arm had found its way out of the body and her right eye ball hung from its socket still held by its optic nerve. A moment later the heavy wooden door landed on her and there was darkness.


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