79 years and still the best.

1376558210_compressedA 37-year-old woman some days ago reported a case of theft to the Uzhgorod city department of police in Ukraine. She said someone had stolen her purse containing around 1,000 hryvnia (122.963$).The victim came to the market with a 3-year old daughter in a stroller to buy new baby clothes, she noticed an old-woman who followed her around all the market corners, she approached the woman to know why she was being trailed, calmly the older woman replied; “It is mere coincidence”, and went her way. It became more than a mere coincidence when the 37-year-old woman wanted to pay for her purchases but could not find her purse. She sought for the authorities, and on describing her mysterious woman whom she suspected made away with her purse, the officers told her to go no further, they already knew whom she was talking about.

79-year-old local resident nicknamed  “Mommy Etush”. Mama Etush has over 20 convictions starting from the late 60’s till date. She had complained of Kleptomania. According to her,” hands stretch themselves to other people’s wallets”.  She has become a crime friend of the police and to an extent a reasonable threat to her society.

Uzhgorod 2_compressedIn today’s society there are people around use with different problems. These problems are classified in many categories, that range from depression to anorexia. While we look at those people differently they are really like us but their problems may be different or even the same as our own. One such psychological disorder is Impulse-Control Disorder. This disorder is relatively unknown and there are a variety of different disorders under Impulse-Control Disorders which include Kleptomania. An Impulse-Control Disorder is a psychological disorder in which the person cant control a sudden impulse to do something harmful and they have to inability to resist it. The person before doing this act feels a great deal of anxiety and pressure. Afterwards the person feels relieved. The five main impulse control disorders are Kleptomania, Pyromania, Pathological Gambling, Trichotillomania, and Intermittent Explosive Disord.

Kleptomania is a recurrent failure to resist the impulse to steal objects not needed for personal use or their monetary value. There is an increasing sense of tension preceding the unplanned theft, followed by a relief at the time of the theft. The theft is not done with others and not done out of anger or vengeance. Because kleptomaniacs obtain gratification from the act of stealing rather than from possession of the stolen articles, they often steal objects of little value that they could easily buy.
It is a psychiatric condition better recognised in the US, where the actor Winona Ryder was arrested in December 2001, after being caught in Saks Fifth Avenue on the sort of camera she would never have posed for, stuffing clothes she hadn’t paid for into her bag. She told the court, which convicted her of theft, that she was getting into character for the part of a kleptomaniac in a new film.
Kleptomania affects mostly women and is hard to distinguish from plain criminal shoplifting.

Kleptomania was first recognized by the American Psychiatric Disorder in the DSM – II in 1968 and has been included in each subsequent DSM edition. (Hales, Yudofsky, 2003) More than 1.2 million people in the United States are thought to suffer from kleptomania. (Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week, 2004) To understand what this disorder is, is to understand that it is not merely stealing for the gain of material possessions but rather a strong impulse, and compulsion to steal. Often someone with kleptomania steals things with no monetary value, typically things that would have been easily afforded, or aren’t even needed.


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