Don’t be stuck in intentions, get beyond!

Wise Counsel

I often wonder why our intentions are not proportional to our implementations!
A good number of times we come in contact with certain opportunities and we quickly imagine beautiful things that we would do to harness them. We generate mind-blowing concepts and ponder upon maneuvers that are presumably irresistible. Lovely intentions!
It could be the packaging of contract documents in a colourful way, presentation of an exquisite gift to a special person, doing the extra-ordinary to show appreciation or continuously bombarding certain people with certain goodies.
Many times these ideas were never shared and even worse, never implemented. They simply remain intentions. Sadly.

Sharing intentions with the right person or group of people is a step to get it started. In life, just like a baby cannot come from either a father or a mother alone, some ideas cannot be succesfuly implemented alone. Always be sure to avoid sharing intentions…

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