The Nations, a Club, and a Man.

374030_230431763690686_100001715932818_581624_907087707_n_compressedI am inspired by Dubai, an extremely hot and barren desert with hardly any natural resources, yet,  the inhospitable desert has been made a world class city and a destination for all through the vision of leaders who saw possibilities where others saw impossibilities.

I am inspired byEngland, a tiny Island nation, buffeted on both sides by rough seas in a forlorn landscape that showed no promise, but who nonetheless, believing in possibilities,  set sail and conquered vast swaths of the earth, creating an empire in which the sun never set.

I am inspired by Singapore, a tiny nation harbouring a large population, bereft of any resources and written off by all, but who embarked on giant strides, believing in possibilities and birthing a miracle that became one of the richest and most developed nations on earth.

I am inspired by China, a nation with every impossibility, burdened by the world’s largest population, scorned, derided and condemned to penury but rising from the ashes to become the fastest growing nation on earth and the miracle of the 21st century.

I am inspired by the man and the woman, a couple with irreconcilable differences , matters which seem to be unforgivable, yet they stick together willing to do whatever it takes to restore their marriage. With them I still have hope in humanity.

I am inspired by the determination shown by Liverpool, a football club which was down by 3 goals in a competitive cup final by half-time, but ended up winning the cup on penalties, they did not go out even when they were knocked down.

I am inspired by the  president of my country, a man who once had no shoes, no school bags too. He refused to stay out, today he is President.

Getting the best, out of the worst is the message.


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