DSC00050Edwin’s mother went home for a family meeting, 20 years ago if I remember clearly. During the course of the meeting a fight ensued between her two brothers, she made to separate this two but ended up taking a sucker punch from one of them meant for the other, consequently she died. At that moment she was a mother, a wife, a potential grandmother. Now, how do we suppose Edwin went through early adulthood knowing that his Uncles have caused the death of his mum, would he forgive? can he ever forgive?, well Edwin did forgive. In a talk session he was giving years ago he shared this story.

Well then even the little daily wrong doings meted out to us by other’s needs our swift and difficult decision to forgive. No matter the weight of our bitterness or despair, forgiving is the surest way to get out from under it. But that’s easier said than done I must warn. But on our way to healing, we must let off some hate and embrace some love.

We replay past mistakes of others in our head allowing feelings of regret and betrayal to shape our actions and decisions in the present.

There will never be a time when life is simple.There will always be time to practice accepting that fact.

Remind yourself that anger and bitterness hurts you more than the person that upset you.

Always remember this,if you let go a little,you have little peace.If you let go a lot,you have a lot of peace.

Clinging to that situation only keeps you down “There”. There could mean anything you want it to mean to you.

Decide fast, because the sooner you decide to be the stronger person by forgiving, the better.


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