IMG-20130804-WA0000In the South-Eastern part of Nigeria is a state, a state with over 3 million people, a state which is seen to be the capital of the South-East, with various cultures and traditions and diversities all in one. May not be the best state in the country, may not be the safest state, may not even be the close to the most progressive state, but it has a unique story, a story that cannot be told in a day, a story two Nigerian literary icons have tried to pass across. This state has a wealth of past experiences which more or less is a crucial part of her development and administration,this state is ENUGU STATE, the home of Nnamdi, a young man who has dreams, who is following his dreams, who is not giving up even when giving up comes as the only option.

Nnamdi grew up in the heart of the Enugu city, not exactly but around that area. Nnamdi grew up not in the richest of families. His family was not known for fame or glory, for influence or power, but at the very least they had honor and integrity. Inasmuch as there were not the richest, they were not the poorest either at least 3 square meals a day was constant, a 2 bedroom apartment was there for 7 people, while his mum and dad took one room Nnamdi and his 4 siblings shared the other quite peaceful. He may not have had the luxury of many things whilst growing up, but he sure wants to get something better than what he had for his kids and for himself as well. He has a dream. Now he rather remains comfortable living like that or he has the option of getting out of the bed each morning and working his butt off achieving his dream one day at a time.

He does not blame the government for not paying his mother who is a civil servant well, he does not go about the streets of Enugu being a threat to the peace of the city, he does not stay at home and nag like an old drunk truck driver, he does not let dirty politicians use him as a political thug, he does not run errands for drug lords,he does not do drugs, he does not get into fights over a gambling issue, he does not stand at bus stops picking peoples pockets, he does not go around sleeping with girls and getting them pregnant, he does not try to dupe people, most importantly he has chosen not to let his background define who he his, he does not let his background define who he is going to be, he does not let his background put him to the ground, instead he learns from his background, his background serves as a teacher and motivator and inspiration to him.

For every one reading this, i am going scriptural Romans 5:3-5a “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame,. Nnamdi daily develops perseverance from what his life puts him through always, his character is modified because of the experience he has transformed to knowledge, and he has hope, a hope for the future, a hope for a brighter life, a hope for the better. Nnamdi is not giving up on his dream, because someday he hopes to tell the story of his life to people who need to hear it.

A great friend of mine whom I know I would someday meet again once wrote, “No One Ever Did Anything For You? Boo You!” sounds harsh kind of, but by the end of the day it is what you do for yourself that ultimately matters. So what am i saying, work for the future you believe in, do that your heart craves, the right and good thing i should point out. Do not look back five years from now and wish you had done things better or differently. So,despite the many difficulties, keep your dreams alive and keep moving  forward. Remember, before an arrow is shot, it is being drawn back so much, and no calm waters ever made a great sailor.

Phew!, I finished.at last was thinking I was not going to. Below is my president…



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