Mummy promised me a surprise,
I’m so excited I could not sleep,
It has never been more of a joy to rise
As it is today that I would not weep,
I lay in the dark dreaming,
Of this awesome gift I shall be learning.
The sun is up, I must be dreaming,
I run out all joy and shouts, screaming,
Waiting for whose honor it is to give me,
The promise of the gift I had been waiting.
It’s a celebration I can see it,
A party? A party! I can feel it,
Mummy is dressing me in my Sunday best, I can see it,
This must be a million in one gift, I can feel it,
I can no longer contain myself, I must have it.
I am led out amidst the prying eyes of the gathering,
Dressed like a Christmas goat, it’s disheartening,
I am led to a fat fearful looking grizzly bear,
While I was hoping for a teddy bear,
What an irony life turned out to be,

 For I was hoping for an awesome gift,
But instead it turned out I am the gift.
By kanayo  Aniegboka
In honor of every child forced into marriage.

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