sunYou go through life acting like you’re quite bad,
Telling these dudes you’re the one they wish they had,
Critiquing every girl who is nothing like you,
The recipient of that mouth, you don’t care who.
You only care about one thing and one thing alone,
That you’re the one sitting at that  shiny throne.
And when consulted you claim that you’re grown.

Baby you’re not grown, but excuse me if you are,
There’s a little girl in that body,
Maybe you wished on a star?
A grown woman doesn’t say “me me me”
No darling she’s on that maturity.

When life finally hits you and I promise that it will,
You’re going to feel like the Devil’s hounds are on your heel,
You’re going to run to the first person that you see,
And they’re going to look at you like something a bit crazy,
Then they will ask “After how you did me?”
Then you will say something like “Hey that’s the past”
Lets Pause it there and let me lesson you on life right quick,
See the past reflects the future,
They’re in your past and you’re not their future.

Lets resume where we left off,
See somethings going to happen, you’re going to wish that it hadn’t
You’re going to blame others, knowing you’re the reason it happened
You’re going to look in the mirror, wondering the error,
You don’t see a thing, blind to whats in plain sight,
Coming back to that mirror Day and Night,
When your life evolves around “me me me”
You will never see in reality who you can really be.


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