newspapersT.Y Bello, a Nigerian portrait photographer and musician had this as the first verse of her song (Ty Bello – The Future (We are Nigeria).

We are the future
We are the dream
We are the nation
We are part of this
Yes we are so amazing
That’s the least we shall be
At the heart of the nation changing history.

Nice flow you could argue, with a bit of hope, inspiration maybe. I wonder what exactly the Nation needs now. When the local terrorist group Boko Haram were on top gear, i sincerely thought it was security. The Federal Government went all out on the crack down of the sect, and to an extent where we all think it is just a matter of time before the sect caves in.

External forces can crash an establishment, but internal forces can crash an establishment faster. The leaders of this great Nation without doubts have enough on their tables already, you all are human, we all see and respect that fact; that sometimes in a bid to restore and improve a Nation, even the most elite can miss his way. We have enough things to deal with already as a Nation.

When fathers and uncles take to violence it simply misleads the children who are trying to learn values. It is a difficult and volatile, violent and barbaric and absolutely against democracy. Apparently when two Commanders cannot fight each other directly the deploy their respective brigades to do their bidding. Are we being fooled?. Time and chance would show us the real thing.


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