Sparrows-fightRelationships always come on us, we all have the habit of letting the people we are in relationships with into what goes on in our lives. Sometimes i ask, is it an obligation?, of course not!. That we do it does not mean we are not able to handle ourselves or that we want anything, it’s just a matter of sheer trust and comfort. We have become so comfortable because we think these people are a part of us, we feel so free to run our mouths to them when we feel the need to. BEST-FRIENDS, yeah right.

I am in no way trying to delimit the powers of efficient conversation or to condemn the act of opening up, my thing is open up with caution people . Caution is needed when we feel the need of honest and open and deep outbursts,  reason is the rate at which people back bite now is damn too high!. Wow, how can someone conveniently break confidentiality. What it means for other people now is, that it is time for them to keep to themselves in order to avoid scandals. Little wonder the saying keep your secrets secret.

My best friend trusting and believing you was the only thing i ever did, it sure does hurt my heart that you see it fit to use dirt against your own friend. Pains beyond the physical you have caused me, that which i thought i needed your help with you have helped in taking your own friend down with.

How do i forgive this pain? How do i forgive this betray? oh my friend my friend, what ever will be will be.


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