The governor of a state has four major roles. She is the chief administrator, overseeing the work of all departments. Working with the state legislative bodies, she is responsible for approving all new legislation. She is the titular political party head in her state. As governor, she is the person who represents the state to its citizens and to other elected officials throughout the nation. The legal requirements and limitations of a governor’s job are set by the state’s constitution. The political climate also has a pronounced affect on what a governor can do.

So many people would have their personal opinions on this topic,but this is totally mine. I am a citizen of the most populated country i needn’t give you a name. With over 52 years of independence, our political structure is yet to come up to standard. I am just going to state some things about the Governors of this country i know of.  I was able to see through 3 general elections in my country, that means 3 manifesto readings, and each governor had these same lines. ” I will build new schools” “new hospital” “new roads”,  and much more.

I fail to understand why Nigerian governors make videos and pictures of roads, hospitals, schools, even markets built during their administration. Is it out of the ordinary? is it not supposed to be their official duties? I maybe wrong but i find it appalling that some of us, Nigerians fail to see how far these governors play us, how they use food and money to get to the hearts of the youths, how cheaply we have fallen for sugar while they carry away the cake. It is something old, they show us pictures of roads and write ” we are working”.WHAT WORK GOVERNOR?!!!

The young people of the state are in the purest form of ignorance and they are decaying very fast, the economic growth is in your pocket, sometimes other civil servants don’t even get paid,and yet you want a second term. I blame the people who have failed to see how you beat them and cry in their place. With time all your evils would be exposed the Nigerian youth would see you for what you really are.




3 thoughts on “SHAME ON YOU!.

  1. “Precise,specific and on-point” thats what i’ll call this……always promising to build bridges where there is no river or stream….

  2. Happenings in Egypt is a typical example of what is to come. If not in my time, my unborn child will definitely spearhead it or witness it. We vote for them to only steal the money they hold in trust for us and pursue us away from our roads with their convoy and siren. Enough will soon be enough!

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