A little over a week ago i went in to take ideas, words from some elders,lol. Well i went, i saw/heard, now i am out with some words for our last character from last week Sani. But before that i would want to make it clear that she did not choose to be treated like she is worth nothing, in fact she is so rich, so rich these guys that maltreat her actually steal from her,yes! she makes them rich,they steal from her, send her money to Swiss banks for their future generations. Let’s not get carried away here, we have a story to finish.

ABACHA-1-300x281Sani wanted to get off on the grounds of “I’m dead”, bla bla bla, Sani nonsense!. It was during your time with her that i grew up knowing her, her story with you is not so romantic at all. First you took advantage of the fact that she was bereaved, yea bereaved she  had just lost the man she loved dearly(M.K.O), it was in that state of confusion and grieve that you crept into her bed at night. She couldn’t say no to you, she gave herself to you. 5ft,6inches Sani became her most enigmatic lover!. She was not even in love with you Sani, gosh! you forced yourself on her, stole her riches, killed her  children that protested, her journalist children could not even talk. Even when you suffered liver cirrhosis because you took too much alcohol, i think you needed it to be able to abuse her the more. Even servants you employed could only gossip, but not out loud though or you would make them cry then hand them tissue paper to wipe their tears as you did one of them Oladipo Diya.

Sani your stay with her was full of violation from absolute power to numerous murders. She wept, she wailed but none could save her, those who tried  like Mandela of SA were met with a rocky face. None could appeal to you, you had declared yourself a god not to be spoken to or disobeyed. She feared you her lord. You went to fight for the democracy of Liberia and Sierra Leone while you denied her democracy,how ironic!. You sure did get what many thought you deserved, you died in the most controversial way. A death she celebrated like life, joy was spread across her face and beyond. Then i realized how bad you must have treated her.

Sani: Don’t blame me, blame he that killed M.K.O!.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Say what Sani?***shocked***


2 thoughts on “SANI ABACHA WAS HER MAN.

  1. Hmmmm interesting and expository article,He really treated her like sh*t,i’m one of her numerous sons and though i was a mere kid during their wicked romance,i felt her pains and knew that she never enjoyed the relationship.Finally when the relationship ended abruptly i will never forget her joy and the beautiful smile that spread across her face back then… only disappointment is that after that unfortunate relationship with him,other men that started relationship with her still treats her with no pity and i’m left with the question,is she better off “single” or should she keep on having relationship with these men that come and just hope to meet the right man someday?

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