She has suffered. She has endured. She has gone through hell,and sadly enough she may still be there. When did her problems start? what might have caused her problems? who might have a hand in her misery?.I am her, i feel the pain, the hurt. I have a question, i have something bottled up, i have a challenge, an issue. How was she?.

Jonathan-YaraduaShe is with Jonathan now, She fell in love with him some years ago when he was the best friend of her then lover Yar’adua, who was sick and close to death before they started, a fact she embraced and could not do nothing about.Oh what love permits.

I may not be too sure,but i think she went to be with Yar’adua because she was feed up with her lover then, who was that again? hmm,yes! Obasanjo. With Obasanjo she complained of abuse, corruption, battery anything you can think of. Obasanjo claimed he did nothing but continue what he inherited from the guy before him, Abdusalami.


To my  surprise Abdusalami  pleaded not guilty said how can it be him when he was only sitting in for the guy before him Sani. Let us blame Sani now, and persecute him for what he started, oh wait he has something to say.    Sani:i did nothing wrong, how can you condemn me,i am already dead and besides whatever is happening to her now,started before i met her,so let me be. Sani goes.

Nobody goes yet i am going in to ask some people who know what happened with and to her before she met with Sani. I would be back,and her love story would continue. We must learn her story aswelive daily, we must bring her out, but first we gonna trace and investigate lol…



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