imagesDo you have a dream? Question question,question. August 28 1963 saw Martin Luther King Jr deliver one of the most prolific, motivating, stimulating speech ever in the history of public presentation. some fifty(50) years later, that speech still resonates. Alright, i’m not about giving an exposition on the speech, maybe sometime in the future, but not today. Dreams, I know someone whom I still have a job of building a bridge over familiar waters with, she once wrote “Dreams play an important part in our lives.They motivate us to keep moving forward.They uplift us with the hope that there will be  a better tomorrow. Dreams in no way happen, yes dreams never come true, but they do. You’re probably thinking how stupid can this guy get, wait for it….dreams do not come true if you do not require them to, dreams remain just dreams if we do not work to make them come true.  So what am i saying, work for the future you believe in, do that your heart craves, the right and good thing i should point out. Do not look back five(5) years from now and wish you had done things better. We pray for acceptance, we pray for understanding, we also should pray for dreams fulfillment, my friend also wrote,”So,despite the many difficulties, keep your dreams alive and keep moving  forward.

Sometimes what we do not do makes all the difference.



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