After about 19 years,i stumbled upon something.I stumbled upon kindness,selfless service, love in the midst of crisis, in the midst of tragedy, of war.People usually mind their businesses when matters like this occur.The rich and influential board airplanes and leave for the safest places,the poor and non-influential die,suffer and become casualties of the situation.Sometimes people need people who are able to think more about others,people who put the needs of others above their’s,people who can love in times of difficulties and wars,people who are able to show compassion across board,not minding ethnic differences,social class,educational achievements or behavioral patterns.

????????????????????????????????There are people like this,but today i write about one man Paul Rusesabagina of Rwanda.During the genocide in Rwanda this man was able to keep over 1,268 people alive,unharmed,safe.Even when he had the choice of leaving and not being held back.His country was in an uproar,blood-in-the-streets mad.Almost a million people murdered in a little over 100 days.Oprah wrote,”How did a soft-spoken man,unarmed man manage the rescue mission of many?.For 78 days he hid 1,268 people away in a hotel where he managed,a hotel that was designed to hold just 200 people.

I am in no way putting this one man above every other  humanitarian around,i am merely trying to ask what has happened to humanity?I see many countries today in turmoil,so many countries in either civil,or ethnic tussle,even politically instigated troubles.Why all the hatred?,why the killings and bombings? Can someone help me already in trying to find out what the bombings and threats in Nigeria are for? The killings in Syria,has come to a time when someone has to do something.One man did say damn the consequences i gotta save these people.Note,he did not have arms,he did not have the best security system,he had to make do with nothing!.I can only imagine what a place these troubled countries the world over would look like when their people start putting their mess together and help their governments clear insanity out of their countries!!!.



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