To be patient means to suffer something that hurts,hinders or irritates us,and still retain our self composure.                           How many difficulties,with their consequent unpleasantness and discord,could be smoothed over and almost entirely eliminated by patience.Patience always elevates and strengthens our characters.We need it not only with others,but also with ourselves.patience

Thomas Browning put in simple rhymes,the healing power of this virtue

  • Patience is the poor man’s walk,
  • Patience is the dumb man’s talk.
  • Patience is the lame man’s thigh,
  • Patience is the blind man’s eyes.
  • Patience is the poor man;s ditty,
  • Patience is the exiled man’s city.
  • Patience is the sick man’s bed of down,
  • Patience is the wise man’s crown,
  • Patience is the live man’s story,
  • Patience is the dead man’s glory.
  • When your troubles you do control
  • In patience then possess your soul.

There is no character where there is no patience and truth and gentleness and humility(Mahatma Gandhi).



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