Poem: Life goes on

Wise Counsel



Whether I sleep or I dance,
life goes on.
Whether I’m ashamed or amazed,
life goes on.

Time keeps ticking and dates keep changing;
life goes on.
Day turns to night and night turns to day,
life goes on.

The sun keeps shining, the earth keeps rotating,
life goes on.
Whether there’s a full moon or the moon is half,
life goes on.

There seems to be a steady flow,
life goes on.
Whether we are picked or dropped,
life goes on.

Some people succeed while some fail,
life goes on.
Some people die while some live on,
life goes on.

There is sweet sweet loving and bitter bitter hating, yet
life goes on.
Whatever you choose, you choose for yourself,
life goes on.

I desire to fulfil my dream,
as long as life goes on.
Shame plays it’s game and pain seeks it’s gain

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