Boko Haram;The Nigerian Nightmare.

Boko HaramTerrorism,a systematic use of terror intended for coercion.A growing threat to what i choose to call an already fragile peace in my country Nigeria.I would have said that many people are worried about the rate at which terrorism has been growing in the country but no,Nigerians are PETRIFIED and MORTIFIED!.Boko Haram  has put this Nation into a state of despondency and increased tension,insecurity too.There is no denying the fact that Boko Haram has become a nightmare not only to the Federal Government,but to over 160 million Nigerians.

Boko Haram as estimated might have killed over 4000  innocent citizens of this Nation and little or nothing is being done about it.Oh wait,something is being done.Writers write,bloggers blog,politicians condemn the attacks,clergymen say how shameful it is and how it is being targeted at Christians,local news stations carry the news,newspapers too.In all,everything dies down and we continue our daily lives in expectancy of another attack,or news of an arrest or arrests made.

In his recent write-up “There is Blood in The Land” a Nigerian`Politician,lawyer,i know and have come to follow his works from 2003 up till now Chief  Remilekun Adetokunbo Fani-Kayode,many people know him as Fani Kayode stated…

“My solution to the Boko Haram scourge is simple and clear. The President, the Federal Government and the people of Nigeria must join hands together, rise up as one and seek them, their secret backers and their secret sponsors out. They must be unmasked, brought to justice, systematically eliminated and sent to hell where they belong. Enough is enough. Call it what you like- a crusade, a war against terror, a fight for justice and righteousness, a war against the kingdom of darkness, the final battle for the soul, liberation and independence of Nigeria or any other name that you choose. Let us take our country back from these heartless men called Boko Haram that were sent to our shores by the devil himself to slaughter and torment our people and to paint our land red with the blood of our women and children”.

It is at this juncture that i want to categorically say that Nigeria would not be any better until Nigerian start being patriotic.Boko Haram is self destructive in the sense these men are Nigerians killing themselves and the lot left just talk about it.With a powerful history as ours there is no reason to remain in a stagnant phase.Nigeria has been through over 52 years in diversity and has seemingly prevailed,but i dare say Boko Haram is going to tear up this Nation faster than we ever imagined.



4 thoughts on “Boko Haram;The Nigerian Nightmare.

  1. God Protect and have mercy on Nigeria
    True bro..i feel the cry of Nigeria and my hope ,faith and prayer is The holy spirit to pour on the cries of Nigeria and let justice prevail.let the people of Nigeria feel joy.Boko Haram has to come to open this is sad ,why should the innocent die and the helpless cry…
    God is watching and am sure he is not happy and the worst will be done to these Boko Haram

  2. I dont why Government of Nigeria the fail to live up to their responsibilities by fishing out Boko Haram but am not surprised because the power that be are the one sponsoring this demons to threaten and kill innocent citizens just in the name ruling the country by force as if the country belong to them along. The way this are going now i for see Nigeria disintegrating and that will be the solution this problem.

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