STOP THE “FAKERY”….Is that English?

I’m tired of fake people.I’m tired of fake conversations.I’m tired of pretended generosity.I’m tired of fake check up on’s.I’m tired of fake smiles,hugs,shakes and hangouts.KEEP IT REAL for once.I’m tired of fake and undue self feel.I’m tired of fake principles,pretended outfits.Let what we see be what we get,stop the secret self-worth campaign,build yourself with love and a little sincerity to yourself.You alone know how much you have grown or not,how far you have commanded respect or not.Just as a lie needs another lie in order to make sense tomorrow,”Fakery” needs improved version daily to keep up.Stop giving yourself so much work of having to keep up so you are not caught up in the act
You don’t need to let people judge your growth and personality for you,the quest for getting public applause or certification has caused many to lead fake lives.STOP ALREADY!!!…



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