When Questions begin with ‘CAN’.

Yesterday i thought ‘Another Saturday’ would be the shortest piece written by me,well would have been if i had written this one the way i planned.Well the shortest piece still stands.A very beautiful Sunday it has been generally,not too harsh,the weather.The thought of classes tomorrow is certainly sending shivers down the spines of many students here but,it is a reality all of us here have to live with for sometime.

Now back to business,When questions begin with ‘CAN’.I was watching a live game online when an advert came up,it was about a mobile i think,not too sure now but i heard a question like this:

  • Can ugly be made lovely?now i add my own
  • Can wrong be made right?
  • Can set-backs be turned around?
  • Can there be light in darkness?
  • Can joy come from sorrow?
  • Can trust be freely given?
  • Can friends be made at will?

I surely do have more,but I’d keep them for now,WHEN QUESTIONS START WITH CAN,how am i supposed to answer them?



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