Little things they said….

LIFEYou may choose to call me a loud man or a noise maker,but i believe that if you know less about anything that thing always looks and maybe sounds strange to you.Some years ago when our business studies teacher would ask a question we would always stare and say nothing,we think as though we know what we were thinking about,we sometimes try to make gestures like pacing,shaking of heads as if we forgot,closing of eyes and even tapping our fellow students,then the woman would say “student whatever you do not know is greater than you”,and just maybe she is right.Those things were things we would have known,but we chose to ignore them and read the more important things to us.

I’ve heard the story of a young man who was arraigned before a court for breaking safety rules and for driving a car that almost nothing worked in,from no side mirrors to no headlamps,to no break lights.After the charges were read,the Judge asked the fellow why he would drive such a car,the young man answered:i was on my way to the mechanic…the writer said now that describes some of us,we treat little things like they don’t matter,we sweep them under the rug until one day they grow big enough to disrupt our normal life activities.

Paul was playing at home,just outside the gate when suddenly the rusty metal toy train he was playing with gave him a cut,little Paul hid it from mum and dad, someday later the little fellow complains of irritation and dies,parents take him to the hospital.tetanus the doctors say.What a waste,a life lost because of a simple mistake,something that could have just been successfully taken care of.

Now,we tend to overlook things somethings,makes me remember a song,”IT DOES NOT MATTER,MATTERS ALOT”.We sometimes think we have it all covered even when we may not have put in enough effort to it.A constant duty it is for all to make sure we do give all things the importance it deserves.Sometimes you find the essence in the little things.The sea they say is made up of drops of water.



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