My Nigeria, gaining Independence in 1st October 1960 was and is one of the greatest achievements in her history. It was our freedom from colonial rule, our joy, our hope, our faith come to form as we celebrated, and the world with us. 52 years have passed since then and we have seen great and greater victory as a people, we have been through times of military rule and civilian rule, times of war and suffering, hunger and poverty, peace and celebration, growth and development.

As Nigerians and Africans, our culture, tradition and ties to our land is faceted deep within our genetic code, our blood, our hearts, our entire being making us and keeping us.A place of diverse culture and tradition with a population of over 150,000,000 people.

A Land blessed with resources; from the oil and gas in the Niger-Delta area, to coal in Enugu, Palm oil in Imo, Salt in Ebonyi, tin in Jos, iron ore in Ajeokuta, gold in Sokoto, to mention a few, and spectacular sites and tourist centres like the Obudu cattle ranch in Cross-River, Ikogosi warm springs in Ekiti, The national theatre in Lagos, Zuma rock in Abuja, Lake Chad in Borno.

My Nigeria, its greatest glory is in its people, my people, my Nigerians. With so much diversity in terms of ethnicity and culture, most people who might not have a broad enough thinking would assume each tribe or society to be entirely different and exclusive from the next, but it is not necessarily so. With so many communities, the diversities are prominent but the similarities between them are very proportional considering their large number. The three main ethnic groups though – Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba.

My Nigeria, corruption eats the bark that protects her and crumbles the roots that hold her steadfast. A sort of national slogan “good people, great nation” has come to have an infamous suffix attached to it ‘bad government’; good people, great nation, bad government or so they say. In limelight it is not the fact that there is a ‘bad government’ per say but rather there is high corruption in the system. The activities of the government will always have an effect on every citizen in one way or another and with high levels of corruption at the apex the base can do nothing but bear the weight. The government is involved in basically all sectors of the economy; as such one can assume that corruption is in all the sectors though in reality it might not be completely true but the corrupt government is simply the product of some corrupt leaders and politicians. Yet, in the mist of this corruption which has led to many adverse situations for the country and its people, there are organizations, society’s, groups and individuals who stand out as having done good with numerous achievements accredited to them and their sectors and who are also in the constant fight against corruption and in this there is hope for the people and the nation.


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