NIGERIA.When things aren’t working, it’s easy to try to shift the blame to something or someone else. In the case of matters pertaining to Nigeria, many of us still blame the government for our present situations. How much longer will we continue to do so? I am in no way undermining the impact that the government is playing in the under development,neither am I implying that we should behave as if it is not happening.I am simply saying that we should not continue to use that as an excuse to stay in the same position. If we continue to reduce ourselves to victims, we will continue being treated as such. Yes corruption in government happens, yes some effects are still being felt today but it is time for us to start working towards solutions and leave the excuses behind.

In order for us to move forward, I believe that it is important to understand where and when everything went wrong,because i believe you cannot solve a problem without getting to know the origin.Nigeria has great a many intellectual exiles,i call them exiles because that is what one of them called themselves.These are great Nigerian men and women,scattered all over the world maximizing their potentials in different countries and who may or may not wish to come back home.I cannot blame them,who wants to leave an area of tranquility to a place where you are either kidnapped or bombed,but yet Nigeria remains our home,there is no denying that fact.

With a powerful history as ours there is no reason to remain in a stagnant phase. Yes it will take time and a lot of work but it is up to each of us to educate ourselves on past and current happenings and work together towards an even better future. There are already Nigerians who are taking progressive steps in the right direction, both in the country and abroad. We should all challenge ourselves to find a way to join them in doing something about the current situations of our country as opposed to always talking about it. Open yourself, get the knowledge of  who we once were, who we are now, and where we can go if we stop allowing atrocities of the past to restrict us and start to take action geared toward the future.




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