Been awhile,maybe not too long but it’s been awhile anyways.The week has been so tough    ,so stressful,so demanding but anyways it’s been worth it. I’ve been seeing things in a whole different way, I’ve been acting in a whole different dimension, I’ve had series of talk sessions with some people I respect,I got to know their views on so many matters,I got to know that it is not just about saying the right things,but about doing the right things,so many a time we have so many vocabularies to pass along,yet we live way below those words,I am talking to myself too. A word too much tends to defeat the purpose of the word.The week has been all educative,informative,and whats more,full of experiences.Sometime during the week I had to answer to my anatomy teacher, I think twice in the week,it was so nice an experience would be doing that more often now.

I write,something happened here today then it made me remember what an African legend said.Nelson Mandela it was that said So true a statement from the living legend.Most of the things we do today,we learned the act of doing,we were not born with any.As you learn to hate,you could also choose to learn to love,it costs the same amount of time and technique.Just as doubt produces results as quickly as faith does,we just choose which we want.It’s gonna be another Saturday tomorrow anyways. Quickly,before you can successfully write someone off,wait till you have dealt with them personally,my opinion though.



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