It’s getting colder here as the day goes by,winter is certainly by the corner by doubt,everyone is making sure they are not caught unawares winter here is usually very snowy and windy.In all readiness we expect winter,you never know what to expect so we expect anything and everything.

 Well the cold weather today  has not stopped anyone from doing what they have set out to do.Today,the 24th of November would always be remembered by the students of Crimea State Medical University,as today is for fun,awards,dance,laughs,whatever you can think of.Today is the day for “Corona De Belleza”,whatever that means,but i know a pageant show is involved,among other things.All learning procedures anyways.

A friend of mine that rarely notices my existence said earlier today,”Now i remember why i love Saturdays,i get to sleep without having an alarm ringing over my head.funny,anyways it’s a Saturday!!!


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