I stumbled upon diabetic studies,and I found this..i thought to share it.

1. Avoid Processed Foods – Even So-Called “Healthy” Ones This is a fundamental rule I cannot stress enough, and it goes for everyone.The processed foods industry has over six thousand chemicals at its disposal to preserve, texturize, emulsify, soften, flavor or stabilize foods that come in

a box, or can be popped into a microwave.All of those unnecessary additives are there in an effort to make food look and taste like the real deal, when it isn’t. Here are just a few of the reasons you should avoid ALL processed foods:▪ They rob you of the important minerals and vitamins your body needs. Diabetics are especially prone to acidic blood (caused by high blood sugar), which causes serious mineral deficiencies. Getting plenty of vitamins and minerals is critical in the fight against diabetes, and these nutrients are destroyed or drastically reduced when food goes through processing.▪ Any food you take into your body must be broken down, and filtered through your liver. Eating processed foods increases the load of toxins your liver must deal with, making it even more vulnerable to congestion, exhaustion, and eventual failure. This hard-working organ is essential in all digestive functions, and in the control of blood sugar levels. Since diabetics are especially prone to liver disease, it makes sense to safeguard your liver by avoiding processed foods…especially refined, bleached and deodorized fats and oils.

▪ They destroy your inner ecosystem. Maintaining a healthy inner ecosystem made up of friendly microflora (good bacteria and yeast) is essential for strong immunity, and can help keep your blood sugar levels in the health normal range and help your liver so it does not have to work so hard to detoxifying your body. A vibrant inner ecosystem is important to everyone but is certainly critical for anyone fighting to reverse diabetes.

▪ If you have diabetes, you can be certain you have candida, or a pathogenic yeast (a pathogenic yeast) infection that thrives on the sugars in processed foods and the sugars in your bloodstream. Candida contributes to weight gain, acidic blood, mineral deficiencies, digestive issues, and weakened immunity, all of which increase the risk of diabetes related symptoms and complications, including death.

2. Make Sure You’re Not Fooled by “Whole Grains” One of the best pieces of advice for diabetics is to consume fiber because of its ability to slow the entrance of sugar into your blood, and prevent high blood sugar levels.Sadly, many of the whole grains and “complex carbohydrates” that you’ve been told are the best sources of fiber also feed candida, weaken your digestion, and actually contribute to obesity and diabetes.

3. Toss Those “Diabetic-Safe” Artificial Sweeteners! Unlike what you’ve been told, artificial sweeteners are NOT, and never were a healthy alternative to sugar!Artificial sweeteners have too many risks associated with them to list here, but if you are diabetic, you should know that they are weakening your immune system, making your blood too acid, contribute to weight gain and bloating and will prevent you from obtaining balanced blood sugar levels.There is a way to enjoy the sweet taste without all the health hazards: Stevia and Lakanto.These are two truly safe natural sweeteners that are calorie-free, satisfy your sweet tooth, do NOT feed candida and do NOT raise blood sugar.

4. Consume Healthy Fats Consuming healthy (organic and unrefined) fats and oils is critical to maintaining stable blood sugar levels, feeling satisfied after you eat, and most importantly, for obtaining important vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that our bodies cannot make.And if you want to make a special salad dressing, choose a healthy unrefined oil and combine it with apple cider vinegar for even more benefits: Apple cider vinegar is an amazing remedy that’s been shown to be just as effective as drugs in treating diabetes.

5. Discover Fermented Foods and Drinks Fermented foods and drinks were consumed regularly by our ancestors who used fermentation to preserve foods, or to pre-digest foods that are difficult to digest (like grains).If you have diabetes, your body can benefit from fermented foods and drinks because they improve your digestion, balance your inner ecosystem, control cravings, aid weight loss and boost your immunity.

Have any diabetic loved one?make sure to pass this information along to them.



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