I was just surfing the web,when i stumbled an article about “Miss Big World”.Initially i didn’t get the  concept,but after a few minutes i imbibed all that was being put across.In Nigeria on the 8th December 2006,the first beauty pageant for ladies who are on the bigger size took place.

Miss Big World Nigeria has been simply encouraging.I may not know the reason why the pageant started,but i do know that it has helped some big ladies out there who feel restricted because of their size.They always feel people stare at them when they walk on the road,go to the bank,market, eateries,If some of these ladies could turn a supposed nightmare into something like this,then you have no reason to feel bad if you are big.……………Now generally to everyone,no one is better than you.You just have to look deep into yourself,believe in yourself,take steps everyday to make you a better person.




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