If it’s encountered too soon, its color will not be as brilliant and its taste will not be as delightful. If it’s encountered to late, it will gradually become dull and brown, lose its firmness, and leave a taste of bitterness. But when encountered at the peak of its lifetime, its external skin shines in a red, yellow, or green tone. Its taste can satisfy cravings whether they’re sweet or sour and can be enjoyed for breakfast and dessert. They are just the right size to be packed in a hurry and its smooth, sleek, spherical form fits perfectly in the palms of a child’s hands. On the surface, this simple delicacy appears to be just a simple snack. Although delicious, it is nothing more than food for the body. But if the history of the apple is explored, its glossy and brilliant color has provoked more than just an appetite. The apple has been a catalyst for many beginnings and ideas. A vast majority of cultures have narratives involving apples whether fable, myth or proven history.

According to the bible, in the beginning God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Within the garden God granted them supreme power over the land and his only request was to not eat the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Tempted by the serpent, Adam and Eve ate from Tree of Knowledge and were banned from the Garden of Eden into a life of sin. Even though it’s not recorded in the bible, the forbidden fruit consumed by Adam and Eve is believed to be an apple which is also represented as a symbol of temptation. Because they ate the apple from the tree of knowledge, they ended the immortality of humans and began life full of sin. . This is also why the laryngeal prominence, which is the bulge seen mostly in the necks’ of men, is nicknamed an Adam’s apple because it looks as if it’s the piece of fruit stuck in Adam’s throat as a constant reminder.

In Greek mythology, the Apple of Discord assisted with the beginning of the ten-year Trojan War. Eris, the goddess of Discord, was upset that she had not been invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Out of anger, she threw a golden apple into the wedding reception that inscribed “for the most beautiful one”. The three goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite saw the golden apple and wanted to claim it for themselves. The Paris of Troy chose the recipient of the golden apple and chose Aphrodite, which indirectly caused the Trojan War. Out of all possible objects, the goddess of discord chose a golden apple as her weapon of destruction. The simplicity of an apple would not commonly provoke the idea of war into the average mind. But the combination of beauty, life, riches, and superiority portrayed by a golden apple is a combination that can’t easily be denied; a combination one would fight for.

John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed, is an American legend who took part responsibility in helping expand America. Although some question whether Appleseed is fact or fiction, his was indeed a real man. He was essentially a nomad and traveled across America planting apple trees in possible settling grounds for future Americans. “His trees fed many of Ohio’s early settlers as they struggled to establish farms and homes on the frontier” (Ohio History Central). Apples are easy to preserve and have a variety of uses. Apple orchards also last hundreds of years and there are approximately seven thousand varieties in the United States alone. What better way to expand a country than to provide a never-ending supply of food.

Sir. Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion were conceived after he witnessed and apple fall off a tree:

Newton said that when he once saw an apple fall from a tree, he wondered if the force of gravity also caused the moon to fall continually around the earth. He worked on a publication that described its motion and the motion of the planets around the sun. It was a difficult mathematical and observational procedure, and Newton found it necessary to invent calculus to prove his theories. His 1687 publication included Newton’s Three Laws of Motion.(Karwatka)

Sir Isaac Newton could have sat next to any type of tree and witnessed an acorn, a leaf, a pear, or any object that hangs from a tree and possibly would have still came up with the Three Laws of Motion. This was not the first time an apple had fallen from a tree, nor is it probable that was the first time he had witnessed an apple fall from a tree. This was a very ordinary event. No one can ever truly know what Sir Newton envisioned to make him intensely focus on this simple phenomenon. However, something about simplicity can trigger ideas with complex potential.

The next time you bite inside of an apple, think of all the innovations it had provoked throughout history. It’s amazing to think that one fruit can have so much meaning behind it. Just as in the Bible and in Greek Mythology the apple was used in America as a catalyst for a new beginning. Though all do not believe in the Bible and Greek mythology, the Bible is a book still heavily used to today by Christians everywhere as a guideline on how to live life, and Greek Mythology did the same for Greeks.  These are nowhere near all the examples of major events that involved apples. Nor do they portray all the symbolism related to apples. Why the apples are the object of choice to depict deeper meanings is a debatable matter. Either way, this food for thought has without a doubt proved its powers.(Jasmine Cable)




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